Hearing accessories

We offer a comprehensive range of hearing accessories designed to enhance your listening comfort and convenience. From wireless connectivity devices to assistive listening systems, we have the perfect accessories to complement your hearing aids and improve your overall hearing journey.

Remote microphone

With Remote microphone, one can have smooth conversations even in busy places, and you can stream audio from a wide variety of sources with ease.

Tv streamers

TV streamer unit sends sounds from TV to hearing aids. it’s easy to use, sounds great, and works with both traditional and digital sources.


 Hearing aid chargers often come with a docking station or case for charging hearing aids. These chargers use inductive or contact charging to recharge hearing aid batteries. Charging takes a few hours and provides enough power for a whole day, depending on the model and usage.

Remote control

A remote control makes hearing aids simpler to use, especially ones with little buttons or settings. Hearing aid remote controls vary by manufacturer and model. Hearing aid remote controllers often include hearing aid volume and programme selection. Many hearing aids provide programmes for quiet, loud, and music listening. The remote makes it simple to change programming.