About Us

Government Hearing Services program

We are a Contracted Service Provider Under the Hearing Services Programme (HSP). Pensioners can use this program to get totally subsidized hearing aids for managing their hearing loss. Clients under the program are not charged for hearing aids, batteries or maintenance. Government subsidy can be applied towards advanced models if a client wishes.

You can apply for Hearing Services Program in-store, online through the HSP website  : https://www.health.gov.au/our-work/hearing-services-program/accessing/eligibility or by calling Our Goldcoast branch at 07 5655 2111 or Darwin Branch at 08 8945 2929

Independent advice

Australian Ears and Hearing Care offers unbiased advice that is suited to the needs of the patient. We select the best technology that meets your specific needs from among all available hearing aids.

Home Visits

If you are unable to visit the clinic, our home visit services provide comprehensive diagnostic testing, rehabilitation, and management choices for your hearing loss. Our enthusiastic hearing care professionals are dedicated to their patient’s well-being and can visit you at home to conduct hearing evaluation, hearing aid fittings, and hearing device management. There may be a one-time fee applicable for home visits. Call us to find out more.


Australian Ears and Hearing Care aims to offer cutting-edge technology and advanced features like active noise cancellation, wireless connectivity, designs to fit your lifestyle, and competitive pricing with professional assistance and tailored solutions.

No need for a referral

There is no need for a referral , just call us today to book an appointment. Standard appointments